As a member of the Board of Education, I keep these three tenets in mind 

As educators, and policymakers, students should be at the center of everything we do. "How does this help our students?" should be at the core of every policy we write, decision we make and vote we place. 

We can:

  • Promote social emotional learning, alongside academic learning - Good citizenship and empathy are soft skills that our students can gain in the classroom. Empathy can be a connector between classroom learning and 'real life' education. This also promotes an understanding of others who come from different backgrounds, or face challenges other than our own.
  • Foster & encourage student voice in the classroom - This has been shown to increase student engagement, and it has shown to improve learning outcomes. This feeds into WCPSS'  commitment to raise the graduation rate.
  • Continue to create programs that challenge & inspire our students -Our district has innovative & award winning magnet options, that focus on a variety of interests. Let us continue to expand on that model, giving our students & their parents a choice in their education.
  • Invest in resources to support all learners - Public education is for everyone, but it cannot be one size fits all. We must meet the needs of all of our students, by partnering with teachers, parents & support staff, allowing students to be their best self and reach their full potential. 

Wake County's teachers are professionals who continue to work hard to become leaders in their field. We have the highest concentration of teachers with their National Board Certification in the country!

We can:

  • Streamline initiatives - Implement new educational policies and planning with the lens of an educator. Let's be intentional and empathetic in our initiatives. Listen to our educators and see what they would like out of professional development and help them build that runway.
  • Promote differentiation -  Teachers are already creating diverse, authentic learning experiences, using standards based objectives. Using our Vision 2020, let's keep our focus on learner profiles and formative assessments; instead of promoting high stakes testing.
  • Be competitive  - By offering competitive pay, increasing funding of professional development & extra duty pay so our teachers continue to be up on best practices, new strategies and research. 
  • Recognize support - It's not just the classroom teachers who impact our students, from the bus drivers, custodians, child nutrition services staff & maintenance staff, it takes a village to keep our focus on teaching & learning.

We live in an innovative, family-friendly, and caring community, and the country has taken notice. Our school system is an important factor when families look to move into Wake County.

We can: 

  • Grow with Wake - Create new facilities, and renovate existing ones. Push to fully fund enhancement teachers at an acceptable ratio & smaller class size mandates in K-3. 
  • Push for funding and bond measures from the county and the state - North Carolina prohibits school districts from being self-funded. Education should not be about doing more with less, it should be about teaching the whole student.  Our students only get one shot at their education, let's make sure we get it right. 
  • Thin the walls - Our proximity to higher education, research centers, technology & scientific giants; as well as centers for history, culture & the arts should be celebrated, and cultivated. Let us learn from our community, and let them learn from us. 
  • Parent partnership - We are all invested in education. Continue our partnership with the PTA, parent education, and volunteer opportunities.